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We have a long cherished dream that ART-Tér could open in Komárom in the same way as MAG-Ház in Monostor. We have already worked a lot for it, and donations have been used. However, we are not yet at the end of the road, and we are working on all sorts of tricks to get it finished and open. This year could be an opportunity to do just that, as our NGOs and the community spaces themselves are celebrating a 'round' anniversary, 90 years old in all. Almost 100, but not yet. Well, that's exactly the case with ART-Tér. We are missing that 10% to complete it, and we are looking for people. You can find out more about what we are asking for here:


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Every year, we have nearly 100 volunteers who want to join us in our progress and the diversity of Komárom. We want to contribute to the advancement of our community and our diversity and our diversity

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At tax number 18607190-1-11, the Élettér Közösség-és Településfejlesztő Egyesület is accepting personal income tax donations of 1%.

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